Members of the Dayton Society of Professional Engineers (DSPE),

First and foremost, thank you for your continued membership in the Dayton Society of Professional Engineers (DSPE)!

 The DSPE Official Ballot for FY 2023-2024 was emailed to you; a snapshot of this ballot can be found here!

Please return your ballot by 31 May 2023 (although 2 or 3 June is acceptable since this email is going out late).

The ballot may be returned by email or snail mail, if preferred, to one of the addresses on the ballot.

Please include your name and member number (only to be seen by our ballot committee of one) for validation.

Please note that three (3) vacancies exist if you are interested in volunteering!

Whether or not you return the ballot, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you via winn.holcombe@yahoo.com (separate from returning the ballot) about what the Society can do for you!

Thank you, in advance, for taking a few moments to vote and reply (separately)!

I appreciate your service to your community, your industry, and your profession by dedicating your knowledge, skills, and abilities to the advancement and betterment of public health, safety, and welfare!



Winn Holcombe

President, Dayton Society of Professional Engineers